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Designed for living | Made for life


The Client, being the property developer, wanted their very first show home in Marina Arcade Tower, located in the prestigious Dubai Marina, to attract and appeal to their investors, by offering contemporary customizable interior design.


A unique design language was created through combining an Italian Design inspired look with feature furniture elements and finishes. The interior evokes the feeling of five-star hotel-apartment quality and comfort. 


The goal was to create a "never before seen" take on today's metropolitan living by the shoreline, surpassing the expectations of potential buyers. 


Italian living at its finest. 


Situated on the cliffside of the charming town of Castelsardo, the key feature of this property was the breath-taking views of the local castle. Having such a strong character, meant opening not only the living and dining areas, but also a glass dome bathroom to the picturesque views.

The relaxed minimal interior was inspired by the local scenery and culture, incorporating a mixture of Mediterranean and earthy tones through innovative finishes, fabrics and locally commissioned art and furniture.


Vibrant interior for the design savy  


Stylish apartment designed for the young working couple. The apartment showcases a trendy and eclectic interior with the use of feature walls, bespoke furniture and authentic choice of fashion forward fabrics and art. 



The new definition of modern arabic opulence


The Taraf experience invites you to experience the lustre and charm of contemporary Arabia. 

A space inspired by local wildlife, such as the majestic peacock, where arabesque architectural elements characterise the ambience with brilliant hues of the orient and unique heritage patterns.

This journey will take you through an elegant atmosphere of modern arabic dining, a breathtaking shisha lounge experience and a trend-setting outdoor hot spot. 

Shisha  exa.jpg

Vintage flavours from North Eastern Thailand 


An urban Thai restaurant in lakeside JLT, Cafe Isan is a fusion of vintage British and urban Thai styles. As part of a branding strategy, ExA Interiors designed the space around the client's branding guidelines. The authentic Thai street food feel of the Isan region, as well as the colourful culture of the people would serve as core to direction. 

To incorporate this feeling we created features such as a social bar open to the head chef, transformable indoor/outdoor spaces and fun installations though out the restaurant. 


Organic foods shop and juice bar in the heart of London


A health orientated juice and foods bar, with the first outlet cafe and shop opening it's doors in London's Covent Garden. A clean and welcoming feel showcases the colorful products, thus leaning towards a bright and light interior.

The space was designed around a back of house kitchen "laboratory", followed by a pristine corian serving counter with integrated interaction displays, a single bench dine-in area through to the store front, where a unique display bar and art installation invites customers in. This interior has since been carried out to new branches across London. 


Art & Sculpture Commissions 

Final running.jpg

running stallions commission

- saudi arabia

The complete collection delivered to our long-standing client in Riyadh has been a success, with almost 4 months in the making. We proudly have started specialising in equestrian art, catering to the GCC region and it's many horse owners. 


Majilis horse portrait commission

- saudi arabia

A refined and proud portrait of an Arabian horse centred around a black and white interior for a grand Majilis space, curated from the concept of regal horse dressing of the Arabian court. This painting uses a mix of techniques, which in result creates an illusion of hyper-realism from a far and fine detailing in its structure. 


medcare women and children hospital

- jumeirah 3, dubai

ExA Arts was commissioned to procure two custom sculptures - a freestanding mother & child figure in an abstract form and a mural 3d sculpture portraying the same, in a different style, yet complementing one another. Partnering with the landscape architects we ensured the design intent was achieved through a curated process of multiple mock-up preparations of form and texture as well as a smooth procurement. 

Walking through the courtyard of the maternal hospital a balanced story was achieved, encapsulating a calm and soothing experience for its patients and visitors. 


bespoke arabian horse portrait

- saudi arabia

This abstract expressionist interpretation on the wild Arabian horse was commissioned as a series of multiple equestrian paintings to be installed throughout a private residential property in Saudi Arabia. 

The colour scheme was derived from the interior colour scheme, and meant meticulously matching the tones of each colour gradient to the desired palette. Fine gold leaf would add to the preciousness of the piece and add a finishing touch to the contemporary take on equestrian art.