Art & Sculpture Commissions 

Final running.jpg

running stallions commission

- saudi arabia

The complete collection delivered to our long-standing client in Riyadh has been a success, with almost 4 months in the making. We proudly have started specialising in equestrian art, catering to the GCC region and it's many horse owners. 


Majilis horse portrait commission

- saudi arabia

A refined and proud portrait of an Arabian horse centred around a black and white interior for a grand Majilis space, curated from the concept of regal horse dressing of the Arabian court. This painting uses a mix of techniques, which in result creates an illusion of hyper-realism from a far and fine detailing in its structure. 


medcare women and children hospital

- jumeirah 3, dubai

ExA Arts was commissioned to procure two custom sculptures - a freestanding mother & child figure in an abstract form and a mural 3d sculpture portraying the same, in a different style, yet complementing one another. Partnering with the landscape architects we ensured the design intent was achieved through a curated process of multiple mock-up preparations of form and texture as well as a smooth procurement. 

Walking through the courtyard of the maternal hospital a balanced story was achieved, encapsulating a calm and soothing experience for its patients and visitors. 


bespoke arabian horse portrait

- saudi arabia

This abstract expressionist interpretation on the wild Arabian horse was commissioned as a series of multiple equestrian paintings to be installed throughout a private residential property in Saudi Arabia. 

The colour scheme was derived from the interior colour scheme, and meant meticulously matching the tones of each colour gradient to the desired palette. Fine gold leaf would add to the preciousness of the piece and add a finishing touch to the contemporary take on equestrian art.